Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The relation between Sleep and testosterone level

It is a well known and accepted fact that sleeping keeps a person in healthy and balanced state. In other words, sleeping keeps an individual in the pink of health. The explanation behind this being sleeping plays a critical function in recharging different parts of body to deal with diverse day to day activities. One such important task is to keep testosterone level in the required level. Thus sleeping plays a vital role in producing testosterone. As per the studies, about seven to eight hours of daily sleep is necessary for males. The study pointed out that men who slept for eight to nine hours per day have high quality testosterone. Also, it was observed that men who sleep less have lower amount of testosterone.
Testosterone creates a critical hormone called androgen needed by the body for a variety of functions. It also commands development of masculine characteristics in men. Apart from this it is needed for adequate performance of secondary sexual characters and digestive organ. In addition, it is required for proper operating of male reproductive organ. Moreover, it keeps weight under control. Deficiency of this hormone results in the health related conditions such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, baldness, bone degeneration, osteoporosis, or underdeveloped bones.
Importance of sleep
While sleeping, body relaxes as it gets the required break after whole day's physical activities. Astonishingly, it is during this period that a majority of internal body functions are executed. The creation of testosterone in the body is done by male sex organ in males and through ovaries in females. But, it is the endocrine gland that releases the testosterone in the blood. After blending with the blood it extends to the different body parts and actively leads in several body processes.
How sleep Apnea affects testosterone?
Men afflicted with sleep apnea confront the possible risk of producing lower testosterone level. Men with sleep apnea, a respiratory disorder, are not able to sleep well. In fact these men wake up two to three times during the night as a result of sleep apnea. Thus, poor sleep upsets periodic testosterone production, which impacts the level of testosterone. The testosterone levels of the men afflicted with the anti snoring are observed to become importantly low.
Sleep disorders and testosterone level
It is a well recognized basic fact that a shortage of sufficient sleep adds to the stress level. A mental disturbance; particularly, a swell in stress level actuates release of the hormone cortisol in the body. This hormone is anti-testosterone which minimizes testosterone levels in your body. Also, cortisol transforms the testosterone to the dihydrotestosterone. This is another significant difference which results in lessened testosterone levels in the male body.

Thence sleeping well is highly crucial for keeping the bodies fit and healthy. Sleeping for approx seven to eight hours permits the testes to make the adequate amount of the testosterone in the body. In the day time, a man's sex organ cannot make adequate testosterone. But, at the night, while a person is sleeping, body goes on a rested state. During this time, male reproductive organ grows testosterone. To summarize, sleeping should not be neglected. Sufficient sleep is needed to keep the body fit and running. Specially, generation of testosterone level multiplies when one is asleep.


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