Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creatine Who Should Use It?

Creatine is the most popular sports supplement in the world. It has been scientifically proven to increase energy, muscle size and strength. Supplementing with creatine gives you more instant energy (to push out those last few reps in the gym), acts as a buffer to lactic acid, increases muscle volume (users report weight gains of up to 6lbs in 2 weeks) and enhances protein synthesis. Creatine is an awesome supplement for bodybuilders, strength athletes and anyone who wants to increase size, strength or speed!
Creatine has benefits that relate to numerous kinds of people. In this article I will talk about who may gain from taking creatine.
People Who Want To Get Bigger
Many scrawny men want to add muscle to their frame. Creatine can help in doing this. Using creatine draws water into the muscle cells, increasing the size of muscles. It also enhances the repair rate of cells, so if you are exercising you can add muscle faster. Using creatine will enhance your size in the short and long term.
Do You Want To Get Stronger?
Using creatine increases your power in brief time period, high intensity activities. This means you can exercise harder. You will be able to move extra weight and perform more reps. More intense exercise means additional stimulus for muscle growth. Creatine also enhances the action of repair cells called satellite cells. This speeds up muscle repair, and enhances the rate of muscle growth.
Would You like To Be Faster, And More Explosive? 
Many individuals observe feeling extra explosive after starting on creatine. This is great for athletes in numerous different sports. That extra speed can give you an edge, allowing you to out jump, kick, swing, throw, sprint, or lift, your competition. It is tough to think of a sport where more explosiveness isn't desirable.
Would You Like More Endurance?
For some time, people believed that creatine was just useful in sports that required brief, intense periods of action. There is now evidence that it also has benefits for endurance athletes. A study with runners found considerable improvement in 300 meter and 1000 meter interval times after using creatine.
One trouble with using creatine is weight gain due to water retention. Employing the traditional loading method (20 g per day for 5 days) can result in an increase of 2-5 lb in the first week. For sports where each pound matters such as running and cycling, this weight gain can have a signficant impact on performance. However, using modest quantities of creatine (2-5 g per day) results in little to no water retention. And even these low amounts of creatine can substantially enhance performance.

There Are Few Athletes Who Don't Benefit From Creatine.
When used properly, I believe creatine can improve performance in just about any sport. I suggest buying a small container and trying it out to see if you experience its benefits. Skip the loading period and just use a small daily dose (2-5 grams). Take it one month on, one month off. Write a journal of your workouts to see if you observe enhanced performance.

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