Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Athletes Use Glutamine Supplements

Glutamine is an important amino acid. It promotes the immune system's well being, as well as protects your muscles and digestive tract from the ravages of stress and other health threats. Glutamine is present in the body. In fact, almost half of the skeletal muscles are made up of this substance.

You may ask, "Well, you say that glutamine is readily found in the body. So why do I need to take glutamine supplements?" When you are experiencing a high amount of stress or when you are into weight and physical training, the glutamine present in your body is used up. It has been shown that the levels of glutamine decrease by as much as 50% during periods of great physical strain. Sometimes, it even takes as long as one week for glutamine to return to its normal levels because of the body's inability to produce adequate amounts of the substance.
Because glutamine works as fuel for the immune system, your body tries to compensate the tissues' need for glutamine by getting this substance from the muscles. This leads to deteriorated muscles.
Low levels of glutamine also lead to a weakened immune system. That is the reason why people undergoing periods of great stress and those who are undergoing an intense work out have a greater susceptibility to sickness, lesser stamina, strength. Your ability to bounce back from illness is also impaired.

You can resolve the problem of your body's lack of glutamine by eating protein-rich foods. This includes fish, dairy products, meats and poultry. You can also take it as a supplement. It is readily available in drugstores and health food stores. Some health shakes and protein supplements also have certain amounts of L-Glutamine. It's best to read the labels of the health drinks you're taking to see whether you are getting the right levels of glutamine.

Glutamine does its magic in your body by helping in the breakdown of protein, as well as protein metabolism and cell volumizing. Glutamine produces those wow-worthy muscles by promoting a positive balance of nitrogen and preventing the muscles from breaking down. The result is that when you exercise, you lose the body fat and keep the muscle. With a little exercise, you can flex those muscles with pride.

Glutamine is best taken in the mornings, before you go to bed at night or after a workout.

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