Friday, June 17, 2011

Protein and Muscle Growth

Increasing your daily protein intake while on a resistance training program helps to increase lean muscle mass. The human body is in a constant state of “protein turnover.” Muscle tissue is continuously being repaired and replaced. To maximize this repair, you must maintain a protein positive nitrogen balance.

When you undereat protein, you confuse your body. It only has so many raw materials to work with, and can’t repair everything it needs to repair. In this scenario, muscle can be lost. In addition, other vital bodily functions are compromised, such as hormone regulation and blood PH balance.

When you are involved with an intense weight training regimen, more muscle tissue then normal is in need of repair. This is the reason why weightlifters and bodybuilders need more protein. Muscle growth is more taxing on the body’s nitrogen balance then muscle maintenance.

Protein shakes contain nutrients that are needed daily by the body. It is vital for muscle growth and repair in the body. Although other vitamins and nutrients are required by the muscles, protein is directly responsible for muscle tissue growth. If you are looking to build muscle, a regular intake of protein is necessary as the body expels any excess protein as waste that is doesn't use.

Protein, like other nutrients, has a recommended daily intake amount for the average individual. This is the minimum quantity of the nutrient that should be taken per day. This can vary due to the weight of the individual. For the average size person the recommended daily amount is about 50g. This amount may increase if you are trying to significantly increase your muscle mass. It is best if you start the day with protein.

The body will focus on burning fat instead of the protein due to the state the body will be in early in the morning.

To maintain the level of protein in the body, it is wise to drink protein shakes in between meals. This will help to keep the protein at a good level for the muscles. For maximum muscle growth, you can have a protein shake after a workout. As a rule of thumb, the additional protein should be consumed within 30 minutes of the end of exercising for maximum benefit. The easiest way will be in the form of a shake.

Before going to bed is also a good time to replenish your nutrients with a protein shake. As you sleep, you body will recover from the day and not expend any of its nutrients until the following day.

It is always important to always pay attention to and be conscious of your diet. This is a prudent thing in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So if you are looking to develop more muscles, the focus has to primarily be on the nutrient, Protein.


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