Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Bodybuilders Should Cut Down Salt and Alcohol Intake

Bodybuilders and the salt
We need salt, and it occurs naturally in many of the foods we eat. However, there is no need to add any extra salt to your food, or to use salt tablets, even if you sweat a lot. There is evidence that cramp is caused by too much salt, rather than the lack of it, as so many people believe. Excessive salt increases the load on your kidneys and, if you don't compensate by drinking enough fluids, you may find yourself becoming dehydrated.
Ways to cut down on salt in your diet:
- Cut down on salt gradually and your taste buds will adjust.
- Try using herbs and spices in your cooking (as we have done in many of our recipes). You will be amazed at how little salt your really need for flavor.
- Always taste your food before adding salt.
- Choose low-salt packaged foods (check label).

Bodybuilders and alcohol

Through sponsorship, alcohol has come to be closely associated with sport, and for many people a social drink after the game is an important part of the sporting life. Nevertheless, alcohol has a detrimental effect on your performance:

- It interferes with co-ordination.
- It dilates the blood vessels, which delays recovery.
- It may affect blood glucose levels and body temperature control.
- It adds greatly to your kilojoule / calorie intake, which could make you gain excessive fat.
- It dehydrates you.
This last effect, dehydration, is particularly damaging. Drinking alcohol before an event (even social drinking) puts you at a severe competitive disadvantage.
Bodybuilding not only can improve your health, but can help you develop skills that are vital to success in other areas of life. Adjusting your thinking to increase your motivation can seem like an overwhelming task. Life throws so many different demands at us that we may flounder when trying to change the way we think about challenges.

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